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About White Light

The Story

White Light is a superhero comic with plenty of comedy and action, as well as science fiction technology-wise. It follows two middle schoolers, one superpowered and one super nerdy, on their quest to save the city.

About the Author

I am a teenage artist who basically has no idea what he's doing, but I'm eager to give this a try! I've been eager to start a comic for I don't know how long.

White Light has technically been a story in the works for years and years now. I have files upon files of half-written ideas in Word since I was 9 or so. Zeke went through a thousand different stories and names. Even now, I'm still writing the story. I only have the beginning (prologue) down pat, so I'm planning to draw until that point and then leave it for a little bit until the rest of the story is solid.

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