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  • Ezekiel White

    Age: 13

    Zeke is a cool, laid-back kid who slacks off in almost everything he does. Except video games. He'd rather spend time alone than hang out with anyone else if he has the choice, and doesn't really have anyone he could call a "friend". Not much of a hero type. He has the power to control light energy.

  • Kyle Holifield


    Kyle is an energetic, kind of childish science geek. He's one of the smartest kids around (thanks to his dad), but sometimes lets his immaturity get in the way of his intellect. It bothers him to see anyone not be able to stand up for themselves. He's got access to labs and tech that no one else does.

  • Cheryl White

    Age: (It's rude to ask...)

    The single mother of Zeke, Cheryl's usually really sweet and kind of silly, but will drop the hammer whenever's needed. Just don't catch her in a bad mood. She is one tough cookie, especially when it comes to protecting her child. She's kinda flip-floppy like that. But she does keep in touch with Zeke's father, and Zeke even gets to visit him each weekend.

  • Dr. Myles Holifield

    Age: (Older than he looks)

    A world-renowned scientist, Aidan's often credited with the invention of the hologram. He's a lovable person and a pretty neat father (when he's not busy). It's hard to find dirt on this guy. Kyle and him are especially close. He's mentored Kyle from birth practically, and they both geek out over science stuff.

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